Art The Hague with Popinnart

Uitnodiging voor Popinnart bij Art The Hague

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Je bent van harte welkom op de expositie van Popinnart bij Art The Hague van 2 tot 6 Oktober.
Ontvang per e-mail een gratis toegangskaart (geldig voor 2 personen) via
Let er even op dat de toegestuurde kaartjes soms in de spam terecht komen.

Ik ben zelf aanwezig bij de opening: woensdag 2 oktober van 18.00 - 22.00 uur.
En op donderdag 3 oktober vanaf 17.30 maar waarschijnlijk ook al eerder.

Popinnart is te vinden bij de knalroze Booth #53

Bij Popinnart alleen al zijn zo'n 120 - 140 ronde kunstwerken van 40 kunstenaars te zien.
Daarnaast zijn er 48 gerenommeerde galeries te vinden en een interessant aanbod aan lezingen
en rondleidingen e.d., zie de deelnemerslijst en het programma op

Meer informatie over het collectief Popinnart is te vinden op

Het zou leuk zijn om je daar te zien,



Invitation to Popinnart at Art The Hague

You are very welcome at the Popinnart exhibition at Art The Hague from 
2 to 6 October.
Receive a free ticket by e-mail (valid for 2 people) via
Please note that the cards sent sometimes end up in spam.

I am present at the opening: Wednesday 2 October from 6 pm - 10 pm.
And on Thursday 3 October from 5.30 pm, but probably earlier.

Popinnart can be found at the bright pink Booth # 53

At Popinnart alone, around 120 - 140 round artworks from 40 artists
can be seen. In addition, there are 48 renowned galleries and an 
interesting range of lectures and tours, etc., see the list of
participants and the program on

More information about the Popinnart collective can be found at
It would be nice to see you there,


2019 Summervibes 16,5x16,5.jpg

September exhibitions 2018

14th, 15th and 22nd 

Its September, the weather in Amsterdam definitely changed, and with the start of Autumn the cultural and surf season has started. This is why I want to invite you to 3 September Exhibition events. If you like sea and surf, or if you like art, or if you like both; make sure you can make it to one of the events.

The 14th Gallery Poppinart at Middenweg 20, Amsterdam celebrates the cultural season with an interesting evening called 'Make me an offer I can't refuse'. Five of my works are available here between the works of 40 artists, and visitors are invited to discus with the artists how art prices come to existence. This is a good exhibition to have a glimpse of various styles of different artists in fancy Amsterdam Oost.

Uitnodiging_14 september 2018.jpg

The 15th I will join a mini groupexhibition on the Wijkiki Logfest event at the Noordpier of Wijk aan Zee. The works shown are all inspired by the Northsea and of course surf. This exhibition will be a tiny preview of the third and last exhibition of this month at my studio the 22nd, but great surf vibes and a beautiful beach in front of the industrial Tata Steel guaranteed!


The 22nd you are invited to come to my studio in upcoming Amsterdam Noord. This huge building gives me the opportunity to make a Surf Exhibition OPEN atelier showing 70 paintings connected to  the Sea and Ocean as well as to Surf. Have a coffee or other drink with me at Buikslotermeerplein 101 (do not trust maps, just next to Tjons Express on the map below) Amsterdam Noord.

Maybe interesting to know: When selling a work on this exhibition, 35% of the purchase price goes to a foundation yet to be determined that fights against plastic in our seas and oceans! The upcoming edition of Salt magazine is about plastic and will perhaps pay attention to the exhibition as well, share if you know for whom this is also interesting, and lets reduce our plastic waste!

Be there and you might even win one of my linoprints named 'Family wave' :)




Exhibition Seaheroes and romantics at galerie Posthuys, De Koog, Texel


Sea heroes and romance 26 May - 6 July Gallery Posthuys, Texel

  I would like to invite you to my upcoming exhibition. Between 30 and 40 works will be exposed on the wall of this beautiful Gallery Posthuys. It would be great if you have the opportunity to see them these coming two months. 
On May 26th I will be there and probably the 27th too. Besides the Dutch island Texel is worth paying a visit too. The text below describes my motivation behind the works.



  Dunes and the sea, forest and the Pontweg, surfers and waves, seals and their center, beachcombers, walkers and a cup of coffee. Peter de Boer (Den Helder, 1979) feels strongly connected to Texel and surroundings. 
  His previous exhibition at Galerie Posthuys was a family chronicle that reminded his grandfather who helped out as a diver after the war to clear mines around Texel. This time he shows the romance of the contemporary dune landscape and seascape. In combination with naval heroes of this time, this provides an interesting view of our perception of the sea and beach.
  Intense nature experiences such as described and painted in Romanticism are a source of inspiration and starting point for de Boer. On a surfboard in the North Sea, surrounded by nothing but sea and swell, with a view of the horizon or towards the beach and dunes. In it he finds an image of the infinite, the passive contemplation of the eternal, during a temporary moment.   The horizon is a foothold but at the same time is a natural limit that indicates infinity. When the sun disappears behind it, a sense of time and transience arises. Perhaps that is why we often let ourselves be tempted into melancholy when we set our sights on the horizon.
  De Boer often shows a path leading to the sea in his seascapes and dune landscapes. The sea as a destination or goal is a metaphor for freedom. Sometimes there are people in the landscapes or seascapes. Surfers, beachcombers and naval heroes; it is those who are attracted to the sea.   The paintings of the North Sea are an aesthetic rendition of freedom and infinity, but at the same time show a sublime threat that frightens us as it transforms from rippling to a savage lure.
  The island of Texel is surrounded by water and views. Contemporary romance of the landscape has a different meaning than in the 18th century. When, in those days, travelers pulled blindfolded through the Alps in order not to see the cruel nature, in nature as we know it the traces of human presence are almost always visible in the landscape. This human presence deems Boer as both reassuring and disturbing.   Reassuring because it indicates that the area is not completely inhospitable, a certain safety is experienced, if one is 'among the people', one is not alone. Unification with nature does not seem to be reserved for man. Although nature can evoke aesthetic pleasures, at the same time it turns out to be inhospitable. But in this case, with signs of human presence, the landscape seems tamed and under control.   Disturbing, on the other hand, because the same humanity peoples, depletes, pollutes and even destroys the natural beauty with ever increasing speed. The balance turns out to go completely the wrong way and environmental organizations worldwide raise alarms. Do we still know how to turn the tide in time, do we still gain insight and do we go into action before it is too late? Plastic warnings, small painted evidence of found plastic on the beaches are evidence of where we are heading now.   
  In addition to sea, beach and diving scenes, there are portraits of sailors, including the Hero Dorus Rijkers, but also a contemporary hero like Bojan Slat. At the time Dorus Rijkers saved sailors with his rowing boat, the world did not have to deal with the plastic problem that we are becoming increasingly aware of. Where he saved people from the destructive power of nature, it is in our time the destructive power of man who brings nature into great danger. Motivations from market forces, profit and power are responsible for ensuring that those responsible look away. A sea hero like Bojan Slat takes action to preserve what we love, and with that he slowly but surely manifests himself as a savior of the seas.